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In these situations, we are no longer able to rely on long-established religious, societal, or medical expertise for guidance, and too often, we only grapple with such problems at the time of crisis. Learn more about academicsPhoenix lifeaffordabilityand how to apply. Figuring It Out. An exhibition that looks at the use of the figure in the work of five Wisconsin painters and examines the place and role of the human figure in their wide-ranging practices.

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Phantom Power: Barbara Diener September 6th - October 4th, The exhibition Phantom Power is a body of work by Chicago based artist Barbara Diener that investigates the possibilities of life after death or rather the human impulse to believe in something greater than us, be it gods, the universe, or the unknown and unexplored regions of the cosmos. Explore our many programs and contact Academic Advising for help. Hamilton Wood Type. At UW-Green Bay, students experience hands-on learning from award-winning faculty on a naturally beautiful campus. The works celebrate the many ways in which Native artists are working with old and new traditions in order to create works that respond not only to the present but also the past and the future.

Collectively the works are suggestive of relics or artifacts from a culture devoted to the worship of vivid hues and complex patterning. Milwaukeeists: Guest curated by Nicholas Frank, in the late s, a compelling mixture of forces brought national attention to Milwaukee's art scene. Surface Archaic February 1 - 22, Joshua Albers and Craig Clifford explore how contemporary visual culture is shaped by both manual and mechanical processes such as ceramics, and digital media. Cabin Fever: Faculty Exhibition. Chromatopia: New Works by Michael Velliquette. With student orgs and more than 1, eventsthere's always something to do on campus.

Four distinct series make up this installation, including miniature gouache paintings, mixed media drawings, paper constructions, and plaster sculptures.

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Hunt is originally from Green Bay and now lives in Milwaukee. Catastrophe Bonds March 1 - 29, Oliver Ressler: Catastrophe Bonds is a multi-site survey exhibition of the work of Austrian artist Oliver Ressler that focuses on forms of grassroots democracy, economic and political alternatives to the existing state of global affairs, activism around climate change, and issues relating to the European migration crisis.

Art of the Fold: Accordion Publications.

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Family Style Buffet: Second Course. D-I athletics offers a chance to be part of something big Use the directory to find a faculty or staff member, or search for an office location.

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A retrospective by this emeritus professor from UW-Madison that includes posters and trademarks created over the past 50 years. This annual exhibition is open to all students on the UW-Green Bay campus. Family Style Buffet: First Course. Mostly Indian and Other Fables. Take Care: Biomedical Ethics in the 21st Century. Ephemera and documentary material reveals the social ties that bound these personalities together and propelled their work. In their work, Clifford and Albers take a single element, such as a pre-existing physical object or a computer-rendered geometric shape, and repeat, manipulate, and arrange it to construct new visual experiences that contrast historical modes of object making with contemporary approaches of industrial mass-production.

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Velliquette's works are infused with aspects of tantric drawing, totems, sacred architecture, and votive statuary. September 15 - November 3, Davis is interested in the history of photography as it relates to both truth and also historical constructs. Their collaborative exhibition looks at ways of capturing and reproducing form through established techniques such as mold-making and casting as well as emerging methods such as scanning and 3D printing.

The show combined objects, photographs, light elements, viewing devices, and texts into a retrospective experience -- a retrospectacle! The show highlights these bioethical dilemmas, the hope that viewers will take the opportunity to better appreciate the complexity of these personal decisions in a rapidly changing world. The exhibition explores the rise of a scene and its lasting impact.

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Let us help you write a story that includes outstanding programs, award-winning professors, friends for life and the career you want. This year's juror was Davy Damkoehler. This two-person exhibition serves as an exciting introduction to the work of two new artists and teachers to the Green Bay community. For the first time in history, there is knowledge available to mothers which forces them to make life or death decisions whether to carry a disfigured, malformed, or unintentional fetus to term, whether to use pharmaceuticals with their associated risks, and whether to risk passing on genetic diseases.

Critical of the idea of an anti-aesthetic, they nevertheless allow the idea or concept to take precedence over traditional ways of making the materiality of objects. Bondie's work exploits the medium's artifice to investigate culture and experience. Show II:. February 2 - February 23, This exhibition featured works in a variety of media by the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay art and de faculty.

February 4 - March 31, This exhibition by Brittanie Bondie was sex stories free Green Bay photographic series of ten prints that make use of photography's root aspects, namely light and chemicals, by avoiding the use of the camera. Let us help! October 8 - October 29, Curated by Molly Sampson, this exhibition featured the selected works of visual artists in Wisconsin.

September 5th - October 3rd, In collaboration with the Richter Museum of Natural History, artists have created artwork inspired from the Richter Museum's collection of specimens. This exhibition of works by twenty-four Native artists from across the United States and Canada illustrates the complex nature of the contemporary Native experience. Dialogues: Faculty Exhibition.

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Senior Exhibition I. Senior Exhibition II. This exhibition features a fascinating smorgasbord of artworks from collections in the Green Bay area, with the major portion of the works at the Lawton Gallery and a smaller selection of works at the Neville Public Museum. Made up of a series of different components this show included work by high school students, art students at UWGB and St. Norbert College, and an international mail art show on the theme.

This exhibition explores how the accordion fold has been used in the West within a variety of different printed matter contexts with a special emphasis on publications produced by artists from the s onwards. Andy Warhol: Photographs.

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He painted a special piece directly on the wall of the Lawton Gallery. Ly's contemporary fashion and wearable art is inspired by Hmong traditional textiles and aims to create gender neutral clothing. Norbert College. Hunt is interested in themes involving color theory, contemporary culture, the history of abstraction and screen culture. The "glitter" in the works of these post-conceptual artists is generated by the tension created through their simultaneous affirmation and critique of both modernism and conceptual art.

There were also hands-on and interactive components to this exhibition. These specimens will be displayed alongside the artwork they have inspired in a true partnership of art and science. Milwaukeeists presents work by artists active during this period, in painting, photography, performance, film, and video. Dedecker creates imagery that revolves around framing the viewer as if they were a character within the image.

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Each print had a phase of the moon, developed and fixed onto light-sensitive canvases. This exhibition features a selection of Polaroid and silver gelatin photographs that were part of a recent gift to the University of Wisconsin- Green Bay from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. Many of the Polaroid photographs are preliminary studies for silkscreen portraits and the black and white works include both portraits and other miscellaneous subjects that caught Warhol's attention. A retrospective of works by John Rininger a former Chicago-based intermedia artist.

Curated by Dr. Stephen Perkins this exhibition explored a variety of themes and issues related to the place of the bed in our culture and our daily lives, with particular attention to how artists have used the image of the bed in their works. You're not alone! Unnatural Selection: Faculty Exhibition. An exhibition featuring the photographs of sites where gay men have been murdered across the USA.

Oddly Wound Up: Faculty Exhibition. Decked: Three Decades of Skateboard Decks. This annual exhibition is open to all students on the UW- Green Bay campus. He featured paintings, sculpture and video installations in the gallery. This exhibit considers civilization's unease with modern family planning, maternal and fetal care, childbirth, and child rearing. Mementi Mori: Photographs by Paul Prindle.

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Immigration Stories and the Staff of Life. Accompanying the exhibition is a small historical display of artists' books, as well as a selection of books made for the Veterans Book Project, a publishing project coordinated by artist Monica Haller who works collaboratively with veterans to create powerful books about their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan. We can answer questions about applying, majors, campus life, housing and so much more.

Chromatopia presents a new body of work by mixed media artist Michael Velliquette that furthers his interest in the interaction of form and color.

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Made mostly by women, these rugs reflect the larger history of Afghanistan and respond to both the Soviet and American — led invasions of the country. Guest curated by Aaron Polansky Sky High, Milwaukee this exhibition features over skateboard decks and is a mini-survey of skateboard artwork from the s through the s. Other skate culture materials in this exhibit include stickers, zines, and videos.

Artists' use of the accordion format constitutes a ificant, and largely unexamined genre within the history of printed matter works by artists, and this exhibition seeks to take the pulse of this singular publishing format. Please Check a Box.

Rinehart, and Jeffrey Morin. An interactive and hands-on exhibition of books by artists from North America and South America that offers an exciting introduction to the breadth and variety of the artists' book genre. Dispensing with the long tradition of nonfigurative styles, these artists began creating pictorial rugs that incorporated references to the materiel of the occupying armies, subsequently reinvigorating this ancient art. Guest curated by Scott Vanidestine this exhibition features the work of 26 artists in a variety of media, all of whom are either recent graduates, or current students in the MFA program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

September 10 - October 1, Curated by Jim Moran, Hamilton Museum Director, this exhibition showcased a collection of wood type alongside various letterpress posters creative by Hamilton Manufacturing.