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Care Pregnancy Clinic has been trusted by women who are considering or are already scheduled for an abortion since in Louisiana.

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A lot of our patients have social issues. Public defender staff levels were slashed inand the remaining attorneys picked up more and more cases until judges were forced to start asing defendants to private attorney. Wright says women first return for a week in the infirmary and are offered post-partum counseling before they eventually head back to their bottom bunk.

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Facebook Twitter. Some uninsured women would not be able to afford doctors' visits outside of prison. Already on probation and now facing an additional trafficking charge, Black, 27, worried about the pending criminal case, but more importantly, what would this mean for her unborn child.

Prisoner patients do not share a room with anyone, and do not have phones or visitors.

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She added some may arrange to have their babies adopted. Sara Machi Special to The Times. Female inmates are placed in restraints, and guards stay by her through her stay at University Health. The reality of pregnancy behind bars.

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We treat them all like any other patient. While incarceration separates women from their friends, family and joyful milestones of pregnancy — gender-reveal parties and baby showers — if a defendant has repeat drug, alcohol or behavioral issues, incarceration may benefit the fetus' health.

The reality of pregnancy behind bars

I was just in shock. She's one of five pregnant women wearing the lime-green jumpsuits at CCC, a uniform deed to make their condition immediately recognizable to staff and other inmates.

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Additionally, the CCC-scheduled medical visits are sometimes the only pre-natal treatment a woman would have before delivery. Or, the babies may be taken into by social workers if there is a concern for the baby's future health or if there is nobody who wants the baby, according to University Health spokesman Ed Walsh. The public defender board and legislators recently agreed that 65 percent of the La. As they end their phone call, Prudhomme tells Black he plans to file a motion for bond reduction so she can be released before her due date.

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Too poor to afford a private attorney, she was appointed public defense, a system that's spent the past two years in a budget crisis that correctly-threatened to clog the court system and delay justice for defendants and victims alike. Should Black or any other CCC woman go into labor — as seven of the 22 pregnant inmates have since Jan. Unlike routine checkups routes in a police transport van, when labor is imminent women are driven by a Shreveport Fire or Ballantine ambulance.

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Local offices rely on a funding stream from the annual state budget, as well as local sources like a percentage-cut of every traffic ticket written. Black estimates she was three months along at the beginning of April, and like almost anyone in her situation, she didn't want to give birth in custody — a process that immediately separates a mother and her newborn. Prudhomme says that pressure makes his clients more willing to take a plea, just so they can go home — as another pregnant defendant did May 31 — but that day may not come soon enough for Black, who has an Oct.

She was entered into the pregnant-patient routine as soon as she came into CCC. Positive pregnancy tests on intake start the cycle of regular obstetrical visits to University Health, prenatal vitamins and a bed on a lower bunk.