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The product of a broken home, Abby left Chesapeake Shores at an early age and started the uphill climb to stellar success. Now one of the top financial analysts in a prestigious investment firm, she returns home for a weekend visit to help out her scatter-brained younger sister, whom she has been bailing out of jams since childhood.

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In this edition, we will go to new heights to see how the Veterans Bridge is coming together. Details on those stories and more on this week's 48News. Aug 7, 48News, July 30 After 10 months of hard work, a new set of graduates reach financial freedom plus, reading while you wait.

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Dec 5, 48News, November 27 Christmas parades march through Chesapeake this week! All that and more on 48 News. This month, Karen Christy and Cpt. David Howell will share what the City is doing to strengthen ties between law enforcement and the seniors in our community. And, Uphill will be entertaining us with music from their latest album!

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Plus, Chesapeake Regional Medical Center wins awards and breaks records! Plus Robin Dunbar from the Elizabeth River Project will update us on the restoration of our waterways. Rebecca Joye from Chesapeake Regional Healthcare will tell us how they are leading the way with their Nurse Residency program.

Jan 2, 48News, December 11 Officials celebrate the opening of two new buildings this week plus, it was again in Chesapeake as re-enactors took us back to the Battle of Great Bridge. That information and much more on this edition of 48News. While Kaboombox will be playing us out! Kellie Goral will be explaining how technology is changing our schools. Planning Commission Meeting. We also take a tasty look into the ever-popular world of food trucks. Those stories and more coming up next on 48 News. Plus, summer safety tips.

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Plus, the norovirus is going around! All that and more coming up on 48News, Student Leadership Day. Mar 7, 48News, March 5 Big projects are making big progress in Chesapeake. Jan 23, 48News, January 15 Chesapeake has entered the deep freeze. Those stories and much more on 48 News. All that and more this week on 48 News.

Lifting the veil on a new exhibit to honor local soldiers who fought more than years ago. We have those stories and on 48 News. This week, we mourn the loss of former Mayor William E. Plus, we learn about all things healthy and green. On Demand Video Program Schedule.

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Those stories and more on 48News. Jan 9, 48News, January 1 A new app is making emergency response in Chesapeake much more efficient plus, preparing for winter is on our minds this week. Oct 31, 48News Chesapeake glows pink this month as Breast Cancer Awareness events take place throughout the city.

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Plus, a new reason to visit City Park! Dec 13, 48News, December 4 It was a weekend of community and celebration in Chesapeake! And finally we meet some of the people who take care of our acres of parks and 26 miles of trails…the Park Ranger. Plus, an update on repairs at a busy interchange. And finally Det. A Closer Look is a show all about your City government, the services it provides and the people who bring them to you.

Plus timely tips to handle fall lawn and leaf challenges in an environmentally-friendly manner. Plus, how you can help a deserving family bring home a new pet. Those stories and more on this week's 48 News. Find out just a few of the many events going on this time of year on this edition of 48News. Plus, back to school tips to get everyone ready for September!

Chesapeake is buzzing with holiday spirit while prepping for the arrival of that first snow fall, whenever it may come. Next on 48 News. All that and more on 48News. Those stories and more coming up next on 48 News Jun 12, 48News, May 29 A critical rehab project will close a major bridge in Chesapeake.

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Tips on how to keep you and your family healthy are on 48News. Tom Mercer and a special musical performance by Lewis McGehee! Jun 19, 48News, June 11 Summer is coming and with it comes mosquitos and ticks! Those stories and more coming up now! Feb 27, 48News, February 19 A touching project connects high schoolers with younger students.

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Plus, smoke alarms save lives — are yours installed correctly? Plus, have you gotten your flu shot? We have everything you need to know to keep those bugs at bay. City Council Meetings. With a selection of performances from the best local talent, turn up the TV and enjoy the sounds of Hampton Ro.

Donald Buckley will be dropping by the studio. Nov 14, 48News Repairs continue at the South Norfolk Memorial Library this week after a vehicle crashed into the building. Also, a few surprises you don't want to miss! Mar 6, 48News, February 26 An important piece of Chesapeake history needs your support plus the Chesapeake Fire Department celebrates their many heroes. And country favorite Jeremy Harrell will be playing us out in style. Helping our youngest residents get a head start on reading plus we celebrate our award winning Chesapeake water!

Apr 10, 48News, April 2 The Chesapeake Health Department and Chesapeake Regional are both unveiling programs and initiatives aimed at building a healthier community.

The greater chesapeake area

Robert G. Get an update on the Dominion Boulevard Improvements Project. Jul 24, 48News, July 16 Do you know your evacuation zone? Meet the First Citizen of Chesapeake Dr. Superintendent Dr. Dreda Symonds from Mosquito Control will share how you can keep your family safe during mosquito season. Those stories and more next. Plus, the announcement of the departure of an important man in Chesapeake. Plus, local bus drivers are making a difference in the lives of Chesapeake students. Dreda Symonds from the Chesapeake Mosquito Control Commission will explain how you can help minimize the mosquito population.

Nov 28, 48News, November 20 The holidays are officially upon us! Who is my Legislator? It was a touchdown event for the puppies at Chesapeake Animal Services. And, popular annual festivals take over Chesapeake City Park! Those stories and more next on 48News.

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From Christmas parades to giving back to those in need, we have plenty of stories to get you into the holiday spirit. Aug 14, 48News, August 6 Helping our youngest residents get a head start on reading plus we celebrate our award winning Chesapeake water! Nov 21, 48News Celebrating regional partnerships with a successful road project. Plus, growing fresh foods for those in need.

After 10 months of hard work, a new set of graduates reach financial freedom plus, reading while you wait. May 1, 48News, April 24 Spring is in full swing in Chesapeake! Future economic growth and current expansions on the retail front top the headlines this week. General Registrar Mary Lynn Pinkerman will be sharing how you can make your voice heard in meet my Chesapeake girls city, state and nation. And ing Bridgette Hoilman, Chesapeake Master Firefighter, will be Christy and Zak Montoya who will share why fire safety is so crucial for the welfare of every family.

Jul 31, 48News, July 23 NFL pros visit some lucky kids in Chesapeake plus safety tips for the grill master in your home Those stories and more on 48 News. All this and more on 48NEWS! Those stories and more on 48 News. Those stories and more coming up on 48 News Jan 31, 48News, January 22 A major bridge replacement project is now underway in South Norfolk. Visiting Chesapeake? Details on those stories and much more, this week on 48News.