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Brent Kaeding, who has posted more than victories during a distinguished year racing career in California, romped to victory in a Northern Sprint Tour race that featured most of the top drivers in the Pacific Northwest. The race was the first during what's known as Speedweek, a six-day, six-race blitz for the NST drivers on five tracks in Oregon and Washington.

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Also generated from this study were possibly the first records of bites from spiders of the genera Callobius Amaurobiidae and Antrodiaetus Antrodiaetidaeboth with minor manifestations. In-home performance of pellet stoves in Medford and Klamath Falls, Oregon.

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Published by Elsevier Ltd. Waterways of the USA are protected under the public trust doctrine, placing responsibility on the state to safeguard public resources for the benefit of current and future generations. Techniques classically applied to interpret matt Medford dating DEMs and small-scale topographic maps were adapted to take advantage of lidar's high resolution.

The in-home particulate emission values were close to their laboratory certification values. Information gained through interviews was used to understand stakeholder views on forest biomass energy, including their perspectives on potential barriers and opportunities in Oregon. This responsibility has led to the development of management standards for lands adjacent to streams.

The present study was deed to measure cortisol profiles among Latino immigrant farmworkers in Oregon USAand to compare quantitative and qualitative measures of stress in this population. An automated emission sampler AES system was used to conduct long-term, in-home monitoring of the stoves. A Lankesterella sp. A related challenge is the long history of contention between parties over forest products coming from public lands. The hobo spider bite resulted in pain, redness, twitching in the calf muscle and resolved in 12 h.

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Penetration and discrimination of plant cover by the laser system allowed recognition of fine patterns and textures related to underlying geologic units and associated soils. The of the studies have permitted an evaluation of the environmental and energy performance characteristics of the stoves.

This will result in high flows occurring more commonly in late autumn and winter rather than spring, and lower low flows in summer, phenomena that may already be occurring in the Pacific Northwest. In the course of routine examinations of powdery mildews collected in Idaho and OregonUSAsome of the identified species proved to be new to North America, in some cases on new host plants.

For the certified stoves, the average overall particulate emissions were 1. In sedimentary and volcanic terrain, structure was revealed by outcrops or horizons lying at one stratigraphic level. In the state of Oregonpolicy protection for riparian areas varies by ownership e.

Variable density management in riparian reserves: lessons learned from matt Medford dating operational study in managed forests of western OregonUSA. A large-scale operational study has been undertaken to investigate variable density management in conjunction with riparian buffers as a means to accelerate development of late-seral habitat, facilitate rare species management, and maintain riparian functions in year-old headwater forests in western OregonUSA.

Upland variable retention treatments include Developing and implementing climate change adaptation options in forest ecosystems: a case study in southwestern OregonUSA. Climate change will likely have ificant effects on forest ecosystems worldwide. Each map area benefited from hundreds of these measurements.

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Three models exempt from certification a total of six stoves were studied during the heating season. Similar data are currently being evaluated for the exempt stoves. We used serology and muscle digestion to test black bears Ursus americanus from western OregonUSAfor Trichinella. Little is known about objectively measured stress and health in Latino populations in the United States, yet this is likely an important factor in understanding health disparities that exist between Latinos and whites.

The distribution of higher and lower stratigraphic horizons can be shown by highlighting areas similarly higher or lower on the same DEM. Poor fit of contacts or faults projected between field traverses matt Medford dating the nature and amount of intervening geologic structure. In Mediterranean regions, such as that in southwestern OregonUSAchanges will likely be driven mainly by wildfire and drought.

However, findings also show that there are many areas of common ground between these groups that have historically been at odds, such as agreement on the necessity of restoration treatments in certain forest types, the by-product of which could be used for biomass generation. Diminished snowpack and low summer flows are expected to cause a reduction in water supply for aquatic ecosystems, agriculture, municipal consumption, and livestock grazing, although this effect will not be as prominent in areas with substantial amounts of groundwater.

This special issue of Climate Services describes social context and climate change vulnerability assessments for water use and infrastructure, vegetation, and riparian ecosystems of the Blue Mountains region, as well as adaptation options for natural resource management. Higher peak flows are expected to increase the frequency and magnitude of flooding, which may increase erosion and scouring of the streambed and concurrent risks to ro, culverts, and bridges. Also, for the certified stoves, altitude matt Medford dating to have little or no effect on particulate emissions and there appeared to be no differences in particulate emission rates between the two models studied.

Lidar-enhanced geologic mapping, examples from the Medford and Hood River areas, Oregon. Emission and energy performance data obtained for the pellet stoves assessed in this study demonstrated that pellet stoves offer a viable residential biomass-fueled heating option.

Here, we compare state and federal riparian land-management standards in four major policies that apply to private and public lands in the Oregon Coast Range. A of studies have assessed the technical feasibility of forest biomass energy, but few have focused on social aspects, an important consideration in projects involving public forests. Responding pro-actively to climate risks by improving current management practices, like road de and water management as highlighted here, may be among the most efficient and effective methods for adaptation.

Surficial geologic maps were improved by the ability to examine tiny variations in elevation and slope. Between andwe screened blood smears of Oregon spotted frogs Rana pretiosa from three populations in central Oregon for blood parasites. Development of policies and projects through inclusive, collaborative approaches could alleviate controversies, potentially allowing more activities to move forward.

This study compiled 33 verified spider bites from the state of Oregon USA. The initial goal was to amass a series of bites by the hobo spider to assess whether it possesses toxic venom, a supposition which is currently in a contested state. indicate black bears in Oregon are not part of a sylvatic cycle for Trichinella, and risk of human exposure to Trichinella larvae from eating black bear meat from Oregon appears low. Advanced planning could help reduce conflict among water users. Preliminary for the exempt stoves produced an average particulate emission value of 2. The BMAP process included 1 development of a science-management partnership, 2 a vulnerability assessment of the effects of climate change on natural resources and infrastructure, 3 development of adaptation options that will help reduce negative effects of climate change and assist the transition of biological systems and management to a changing climate, and 4 ongoing dialogue and activities related to climate change in the Blue Mountains region.

Pollutant emissions, thermal efficiencies, and heat outputs of pellet stoves operating in homes located in Klamath Falls and MedfordOregon were documented. Much work remains to sort out the matt Medford dating of hemoparasites among western USA ranids and to determine the ecological ificance of these parasites; both tasks are important steps in understanding and managing these, and related, sensitive and threatened species.

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Potential conflicts still exist, for instance over projects in mixed conifer forests. There were 10 bites from three genera of funnel web spiders of the family Agelenidae including one hobo spider bite and one from the congeneric giant house spider which is readily confused as a hobo spider.

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Full Text Available Abstract One of the most commonly used stress biomarkers is cortisol, a glucocorticoid hormone released by the adrenal glands that is central to the physiological stress response. Recognition of low-relief features of all sizes was enhanced where pixel elevation ranges of centimeters to meters, established by knowledge of the site or by trial, were displayed using thousands of sequential colors. Lidar-based 3-foot digital elevation models DEMs and derivatives slopeshade, matt Medford dating, contours were used to help map geology across km2 mi2 near Hood River and MedfordOregon.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. This study explores the social context of converting forest biomass to energy, using qualitative research methods. Creating a triangulated irregular network TIN facet from positions of three or more such points gives strike and dip.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon PAH and carbon monoxide emissions were low. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with forty individuals representing nine different stakeholder groups.

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Little work has been published on hemoparasites of ranids in the western USA in the past 30 yr. Verified spider bites in Oregon USA with the intent to assess hobo spider venom toxicity. Near Medfordlidar-derived contour maps with 1- to 3-foot intervals revealed incised bajada with young, distal lobes defined by concentric contour lines.

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To minimize the negative effects of climate change, resource managers require tools and information to assess climate change vulnerabilities and to develop Full Text Available In the semi-arid environment of the Blue Mountains, Oregon USAwater is a critical resource for both ecosystems and human uses and will be affected by climate change in both the near- and long-term.

Chronic psychosocial stress can lead to dysregulation of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis function and in an abnormal diurnal cortisol profile. Findings indicate the most challenging barrier will be access to long-term, consistent supply. Free cortisol can be measured in saliva and has been the biomarker of choice in stress studies measuring the function of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis.

Plans for agricultural lands rely on outcome-based standards to treat pollution, in contrast with the prescriptive policy approaches for federal, state, and private forest lands, which set specific standards with the intent of preventing pollution. Warmer temperatures will matt Medford dating snowpack and snow-dominated watersheds will transition to mixed rain and snow, while mixed rain and snow dominated watersheds will shift towards rain dominated. Because of the recent taxonomic division of the Rana pretiosa complex, this may be the first published report of blood parasites for R.

Both parasites reported here differed in morphologic features and morphometric comparisons from descriptions of anuran hemoparasites. Although matt Medford dating institutional focus of information in the special issue is U. Forest Service lands Malheur, Umatilla, and Wallowa-Whitman National Forests, the broader social context and adaptation options should be applicable to other lands throughout this region and the Pacific Northwest.

Information provided by this research creates a foundation for discussions as forest biomass energy becomes an increasingly prominent issue in Oregonthe western USAand other regions of the world. None of the 33 bites from several spider species developed ificant medical symptoms nor did dermonecrosis occur. Features can also be depicted relative to stream level by preparing a DEM that compensates for gradient. All four policies have similar goals for achieving water-quality standards, but differ in their regulatory approach. Leveillula papilionacearum and L. Astragalus filipes, Dalea ornata and D.

Concurrently, the hydrogeomorphic potential, and associated flood Plots represented eight streamside co Stakeholder perspectives on converting forest biomass to energy in OregonUSA. Within the state of OregonUSAthere is considerable interest in the possibility of converting forest biomass to energy.

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Bedrock geologic maps were improved by recognizing geologic features associated with surface textures and patterns or topographic anomalies. This manuscript introduces the special issue, describing the management, biogeographic, and climatic context for the Blue Mountains region; the climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation process used in BMAP; and the potential applications of the information described in the special issue.

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Mapping of projected peak flow changes near ro gives an opportunity to mitigate these potential risks. Six stoves representing two commercially available, certified models were studied during the heating season. We use a standard template to categorize elements of policy protection: 1 the regulatory approach, 2 policy goals, 3 stream attributes, and 4 management standards.