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Many tools and technologies are available to help you stay productive while working from home. Below is a list of our most popular resources, which we hope provides all the IT guidance you need at this time:.

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The researchers used a quasi-experimental de that allowed them to establish a causal relationship between telecommuting and gender gaps. The researchers analyzed data collected both before and during the pandemic.

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The study found that telecommuting moms spend 33 minutes more per day working while their children are present compared to fathers working from home. This disparity could increase as telecommuting becomes more entrenched as a result of the pandemic.

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To mitigate the gender inequality associated with working from home during the pandemic, the researchers recommend that policymakers and employers consider increasing support for effective flexible working schedules, healthy work lifestyles, job security, and paid sick leave, particularly for families with children. Their finding that telecommuting mothers feel more stressed and depressed than fathers who are working remotely during the crisis jibes with recent polling indicating mothers are spending more time than fathers on child care, homeschooling, and housework while in quarantine.

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Kelly Musick, professor of policy analysis and management at Cornell University and director of Cornell Population Center, co-authored the study with Zang and Lyttelton. They also urge policymakers to support domestic workers, child care providers, and educators through increased compensation and stronger labor protections. The pre-crisis data is from the American Time Use Survey — a nationally representative sample of 19, respondents who tracked their daily activity in time diaries.

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Moms working remotely also spend more time doing their jobs with children present than telecommuting d, according to the study. Study reveals gender inequality in telecommuting By Mike Cummings. The working paperone of few to examine gender inequality in remote work arrangements, found that telecommuting moms spend ificantly more time performing housework when they work from home than d do.

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It showed no gender gaps in anxiety levels among parents who are commuting to workplaces during the crisis. Blockchain technology can help consumers tip farmers — but should it? Show More Articles. More News.

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Using this data, the study compared gender gaps across three : people who work exclusively at home, telecommute part time, or exclusively travel to a workplace. The study also found that moms working remotely during the pandemic are more likely to report feeling depressed, anxious, and lonely than telecommuting d. Social Sciences.

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For example, the researchers found that moms working from home spend 49 minutes more per day on housework compared to telecommuting d.