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Hybrida Tina Chang W. In this timely, assured collection, Tina Chang confronts the complexities of raising a mixed-race child during an era of political upheaval in the United States.

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Outside of work, my wife and I live on large rural property among woods and fields with our St. Bernard dog, Abby. As a biological science student, I believe the most difficult part of being first generation college student is challenge ourselves and looking for the future I truly wanted.

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My college orientation started when one of my brothers dropped me off with my trunk in front of my residence hall and drove away. My mother grew up in the country side of El Salvador and did not have access to school beyond 6th grade. My hobbies include reading, arts and crafts, and trashy relationship reality shows.

I hope I can share what I've learned and that it will be helpful for someone. I started out as a music major with scholarship support, Pell Grants, and loans. I had been taking care of my academics since the 6th grade and I believed that I was the expert in my own education.

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After earning a bachelor degree in electrical engineering, I proceeded directly to graduate study at Princeton University, earning a PhD there. I attended General Motors Institute now named Kettering Universitya small college owned and operated by General Motors at the time for the purpose of training engineers to work in the company. After my first year I switched to being an anthropology major and have not left higher education since.

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BFirst seeks to provide first-gen students at Bing with the opportunity to connect with first-gen mentors for support, information, insight and inspiration to help you thrive and succeed on campus as you pursue your degree. Some of my hobbies and interests are reading, trip planning and watching my youngest play soccer and lax and my oldest daughter perform.

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BFirst is the mentoring network for first-generation faculty, staff and students at Binghamton University. I am passionate about academic equity for marginalized groups and currently serve as a committee member for BFirst, the psychology department's diversity committee, and the Research Society on Alcoholism diversity committee.

We both actually ended up getting our doctorates in our respective fields. I grew up not far from Binghamton in the tiny town of Unadilla, NY. After graduation I worked as a tutor and residential counselor for at-risk teens for a couple of years before coming back to complete my MA and PhD in English and Creative writing at Binghamton University. My father was ill from the time I can remember and became totally unable to work by the time I was With no money to speak of, I relied on scholarships and financial aid to put myself through school — working in the library all four years and even ing the chorus because it paid a small stipend.

I didn't know what I didn't know and as it turns out I was not very good at asking for help. I had wonderful experiences, but I definitely missed out on opportunities to network, maximize my internship and study-abroad experiences or to earn an accelerated degree.

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Susan, his wife, was an elementary school teacher. Throughout undergrad and now in law school, I have been interested in research in gendered violence such as human trafficking, sexual assault, and domestic violence.

He is married with three children: Andrea, an epidemiologist; Brendan, an engineer; and Chris, a veterinarian. Last year she produced and starred in the new television drama series Sulaga Mahameraka, which has been airing on the Sri Lankan national network; she will be starring and producing another television series in December I am currently a first year law student at Brooklyn Law School.

Being first means paving the way for others and that journey can be daunting. My hobbies include hiking, baking, and napping. I grew up in Ohio. Through student leadership, I was able to build community away from home, get more involved on campus and gain meaningful contacts. I love books, anything active outdoors, chicken wings, noodles, and my dogs if you come visit my office I'll show you lots of pictures of them! From early age growing up in the Chicago area, I was fascinated by how things work and by middle school decided to become an electrical engineer.

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I found close friends and succeeded in getting the degree, but not without learning from failures. My other specialties include writing studies, motherhood studies, and digital medias. I grew up in poverty and was the first in my family to go to college, my mother achieving a high school diploma and my father earning his GED. Mentors helped me recognize my potential and I went on to study the importance of mentors to the success of women, students of color, and non-trad students, who can be shut off from the informal dissemination of information and opportunities.

In my spare time I make Shrinky dink jewelry, karaoke, and worship my cat Frank. My youngest daughter Abbie is a freshman in High School who plays both soccer and lacrosse. That is why I am fully committed to public education and to first generation students who struggle to find their place in college.

My father completed some college course work but did not complete it.

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Mike Elmore was an engineer in industry for many years prior to his position at Binghamton University. Luckily, my education has served me well and I love what I do at Binghamton University.

Thus, we both went to a large public university. It took me seven years to get my undergraduate degree! It was a cooperative co-op education program, and every six weeks I alternated between work asments in a GM locomotive factory and academic sessions at the college. He majored in philosophy and minored in psychology before earning an advanced degree in secondary school mathematics education.

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It was not as direct of path as it seems. I would not have had a successful career without earning a degree. It took me 22 years to do that! My older brother and I dreamed of going to college starting when we were in grade school. I've had aunts, uncles and cousins go to college and I guess they figured that I was bright and would know what to do by osmosis or that I would ask for help when needed.

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As a graduate student, my college experiences and hardships are still fresh in my mind. As a first generation student, I received full support from my parents, but mentorship on University life was very hard to find.

Also, being able to receive my Master's degree and using my experience and now knowledge of higher education to help students of today. Our parents were very supportive of us, but we knew we had to cover the cost. I spent the first four in community college and the last three at university.

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Autumn, my oldest, just transferred to Binghamton from Broome, lives on campus but is very excited to be living off-campus in her own apartment next year! World War II ended any hopes of my father pursuing higher education, and my mother was a nurse who earned a Bronze Star serving in the U. Army in the Pacific Theater during the war. Today I am an admissions counselor and I've learned so much in my working years about networking and relationship building.

I am currently doing research in printed and RF electronics. I'm still paying on these loans almost 25 years later. Undergrad was a lot of figuring things out without knowing what to expect or what to look for or what to do, but I ended up getting through it! In my free time, I like to spend time in the garden, in the woods, or around the table with family and friends.

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My passions include social justice, inclusivity, college student development and equity for marginalized groups. Most recently, I received my master's degree while working full-time at Binghamton University. Lakshmi also is a performing artist from Sri Lanka and has been actively engaged as an actress in theatre, television, and film and has directed and produced plays.

I continued on to graduate school at Binghamton University to pursue a Masters degree in Student Affairs Administration. In between and along the way, I worked in service and parts for a machine tool company and as a high school French teacher.

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I was involved in Hinman College Council and some other clubs. I'm a fifth-year doctoral candidate in the behavioral neuroscience program, studying the effects of maternal care on stress reactivity and alcohol consumption. My parents, who also were immigrants to the U. They, and others such as my teachers, and later, supervisors while I was an undergraduate student and my graduate research advisor gave me strong encouragement in my studies, as did camaraderie with classmates from elementary school through graduate school, some of whom remain lifelong friends.

I hope to impart the knowledge and experience that I have gained and to learn from the incredible students that I know will be a part of this program. Both of my parents graduated from high school but did not go on to college. I am originally from Brooklyn, NY and was the first of my family to attend college. My research interests are Puerto Rican literature and culture, and horror fiction.

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He wanted to be a zoologist and I wanted to be an archaeologist. Hobbies include: badminton, soccer, hiking, sketching, other things. I always knew that I could fall back on the skills I had learned in the construction trade if it did not work out. I grew up on the Los Angeles area, my mom is an executive assistant and my dad is a jeweler. Among other things, when not riding on my tractor mowing grass or plowing snow, I am driving my Corvette or busy with gardening, beekeeping, amateur astronomy, music listening, piano practice, making ice cream, cooking and baking, reading, cheering the NY Yankees, or just simply enjoying the outdoors and the company of friends.

I publish my writing and run community poetry workshops as well. I retired from there as a director of advanced technology after 30 years with the company, and ed Binghamton University in to manage the S3IP Center of Excellence.

I enjoy indoor gardening, hiking, and traveling with my husband and my son. I've spend a long time to discover my favor major in college, I believe if we never give up, we will be success and achieve our dream at some point in university. I am the second daughter of immigrants from Spain. This year I'm overseeing both the Apartments and Mountainview. I was on my own for the first time in my life. Fortunately, my family provided moral support throughout my academic journey. Despite financial, language, and cultural barriers, they managed to bring to Binghamton lankan women dating United States Several years later, I was the last of three children to receive a Bachelor's degree at a SUNY institution and did it with the rest of my peers i.